Studium launched as Open Access journal

On Friday 30 March 2012 Studium: Tijdschrift voor Wetenschaps- en Universiteits-geschiedenis / Revue d’Histoire des Sciences en des Universités has been launched as an Open Access journal. The aim of Open Access is to make scholarly publications available for free through the internet. It enables the worldwide dissemination of research results and easy access for anyone. In order to realise this transition Studium was subsidized by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

Studium publishes articles on the history of scholarship, science, medicine, technology and universities, in particular in the Low Countries and their former colonies. Articles are mostly published in Dutch, but English and French contributions are also welcome.

Studium is published by GEWINA, Belgisch-Nederlands Genootschap voor Wetenschaps- en Universiteitsgeschiedenis / Société Belgo-Néerlandaise pour l’Histoire des Sciences et des Universités, in cooperation with Huygens ING (KNAW).

The Open Access online version is published in cooperation with Utrecht University Library (Igitur publishing) through This website also gives access to the full digitized version of Gewina, the predecessor of Studium.

The latest issue of Studium, nr. 4 (2011), is now available online.