Tools and Sources

Volumes from the series Tools and Sources for the History of Science in the Netherlands (Series editors: Huib Zuidervaart & Ilja Nieuwland, Huygens ING (KNAW)) will be made available through two channels:

  1. digitally, through this page, as a (free) searchable PDF document, and
  2. via Jouwboek publishers (Printing-on-demand). Printed versions will cost approximately € 25 per band.

Vol. 1 – Teunis Willem van Heiningen, The Correspondence of Sebald Justinus Brugmans (1763-1819), The Hague 2010/2011. 354 pp. Ill. ISBN 978-90-8759-158-8 [English summaries of 550 letters].

Vol. 2 – Teunis Willem van Heiningen, The Correspondence of Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt (1773-1854) [Part One: 1802-1819 | 1820-1854], The Hague 2011. 728 pp. Ill. ISBN 978-90-8759-206-6 (Part 1) and 978-90-8759-207-3 (Part 2). [English summaries of > 1.000 letters]

Vol. 3 – Marlise Rijks (ed.), The Correspondence of Dirck Rembrantsz van Nierop (1610-1682) The Hague 2012. 412 pp. Ill. ISBN 978-90-8759-271-4.

Vol. 4 - Teunis Willem van Heiningen (ed.), Wouter van Doeveren and Petrus Camper in Paris. Travel Diaries, Kept in the Years 1752-1753, 1777 & 1787, and Related Correspondence. [Extracts in Dutch, with summaries, introductions and annotation in English].

In preparation:
Vol. 5 –
Eric Jorink, Annemarie Nelissen & Floor Haalboom (eds.), The Correspondence of Jan Swammerdam (1664-1680). Expected mid-2015.