Jobs (Phds and Postdocs): Technosciences, Materiality, & Digital Cultures (University of Vienna; Deadline: 1 April 2020)

The Department of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna is currently recruiting for one post-doc (6 years) and one pre-doc (4 year PhD) position.

These posts will join the research group of Prof Sarah Davies, which focuses on Technosciences, Materiality, and Digital Culture. The university is looking for scholars whose research explores interactions between technoscience and digitisation in public spaces, cultures, and digital environments. Read more…

Jobs: Postdoc/PhD Candidate, “Managing Scarcity” (Maastricht University; various deadlines)

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University is hiring two PhDs and one postdoc (four-year appointments) for an NWO-funded project on the history of the oil industry, resource scarcity, and alternative energy in the long 1970s. Read more…

(Nederlands) Job: Postdoctoral researcher, “Moving Animals: A History” (5 yrs; History Department, Maastricht University; Deadline 7 May 2019)

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(Nederlands) Vacancy Friday: Jobs in Leiden and Maastricht (PhD, Post-doc, Assistant Professor; Deadlines 31 May, 30 April)

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(Nederlands) Jobs: PhD position & Assistant Professorship (Maastricht; Deadlines 15 March (PhD) & 28 February (! AP))

(Nederlands) Job: Full Professor of Theory and History of Psychology (Groningen University; Full-time)

(Nederlands) Job: Fully funded PhD position “Atmospheric Tides Science”, Ghent University & Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice (Deadline: 28 February 2019)

(Nederlands) Job: Two-year post-doctoral position in the history of Alfonsine astronomy in Europe (Deadline: 25 September 2018)

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(Nederlands) Job: Postdoc ‘B-magic. The Magic Lantern and its Cultural Impact as Visual Mass Medium in Belgium (1830-1940)’ (KU Leuven; Deadline 21 July 2018)

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(Nederlands) Job: Doctoral Student “Education through Images. The Magic Lantern in Belgian Schools, 1830-1940″ (KU Leuven; Deadline 21 July 2018)