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Jodocus Hondius sr. (1563 - 1612)

Field(s) of interest: Cartography | mathematics
Gender: male

Born: Wakken, 1563
Died: Amsterdam, 1612

Mathematician, instrument maker (of globes), engraver, publisher and cartographer born in Wakken (Belgium). His parents moved to Ghent when he was two years old. In his early twenties, De Hondt moves to London, where he works as an engraver and where he makes his first globes. He also changes his name into a Latin version: Jodocus Hondius. In 1587, he married Colette van den Keere. Six years later, in 1593, he moved to Amsterdam, where he opened his own shop. During those years, he was one of the most important publishers in Amsterdam. In 1600 he sold a few astrolabia catholica and several globes to the expedition of Jacob van Neck. After his death, his company was taken over by his widow, and later by his sons Jodocus and Henricus.

Collection: Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam; Arezzo City Library; Maritiem Museum Rotterdam.

instrument maker and engraver: ~1584 (London)

instrument maker: ~1600 (Amsterdam)

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