Conference: Researcher meets Curator (Maastricht, 22 March 2019)

As a historical and literary genre, the biography has gone through a metamorphosis over the past decades. Until fairly recently, its usual shape consisted of a chronological narrative, from the cradle to the grave, fixed mostly on a more or less autonomous development of the person being described. That has changed significantly: not only is the strict adherence to chronology no longer a given, biographies increasingly focus on a particular aspect of a person’s life. Alternatively, historians seek to investigate someone’s life as part of a wider historical question, be it cultural, economic, or social. And finally, the very term “biography” is often being used in a much broader sense: we see biographies not only of people, but also of objects, geographical features, and even events.

The aim of this conference is to create an inventory of these related developments, and explore their consequences for curators, archivists and researchers of university collections alike.

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Afscheidssymposium en -rede Prof. Ernst Homburg (Maastricht, 26 april 2019)

Foto: Joey Roberts

Op 26 april a.s. neemt Ernst Homburg afscheid als hoogleraar ‘Geschiedenis van Wetenschap en Techniek’. Deze leerstoel in de faculteit der Cultuur- en Maatschappijwetenschappen aan de Universiteit Maastricht is in 2002 ingesteld door de Stichting Historie der Techniek. Lees meer…

Jobs: PhD position & Assistant Professorship (Maastricht; Deadlines 15 March (PhD) & 28 February (! AP))

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASoS) is looking for a PhD candidate on the project “Convention Conventions. Routines and Rituals in International Scientific Conferences, 1910-1960” at the Department of History & STS Programme, Maastricht University (1,0 fte, 3 years).

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Assistant professor in Cultural History (19th and 20th centuries) at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of History, Maastricht University 1.0fte 6-year tenure-track position.

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Job: Full Professor of Theory and History of Psychology (Groningen University; Full-time)

The Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (FBSS) of Groningen University is seeking internationally-renowned applicants for a Full professor position in Theory and History of Psychology. She/he will manage the expertise group, including the supervision of its academic staff. She/he will contribute to the bachelor and master programme in courses related to the theory and history of psychology and in guiding thesis projects of students. She/he will also supervise internal and external PhD students, in cooperation with colleagues.

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Conferentie, concert en filmmatinee: Johannes Goedaert: leven, werk en inspiratie (Middelburg, 14, 15 en 16 maart 2019)

Op verschillende locaties in Middelburg wordt van 14 tot 16 maart 2019 de Goedaert Conferentie gehouden over het leven, werk en de inspiratie van de zeventiende-eeuwse Middelburgse entomoloog en fijnschilder Johannes Goedaert (1617-1668).

Deze interdisciplinaire conferentie heeft een wetenschappelijk luik en een publieksdeel. Het eerste deel gaat in op de historische en wetenschappelijke context van Goedaert; het tweede gaat in op de inspiratie die mensen vandaag uit zijn werk putten in hun omgang met de natuur. Lees meer…

Call for Papers: Journal for the History of Knowledge, new international review

The  Journal for the History of Knowledge, a new internation review which is to be launched early 2020, invites contributions.


The Journal for the History of Knowledge is an open access, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the history of knowledge in its broadest sense. This includes the study of science, but also of indigenous, artisanal, and other types of knowledge as well as the history of knowledge developed in the humanities and social sciences. Special attention is paid to interactions and processes of demarcation between science and other forms of knowledge. Contributions may deal with the history of concepts of knowledge, the study of knowledge making practices and institutions and sites of knowledge production, adjudication, and legitimation (including universities). Contributions which highlight the relevance of the history of knowledge to current policy concerns (for example, by historicizing and problematizing concepts such as the “knowledge society”) are particularly welcome. Lees meer…

Gewina excursie, ” 200 soorten Groen in het Teylers Museum en een stadswandeling in Haarlem” (Haarlem, 13 maart 2019)

Dit voorjaar is in Teylers Museum een overzichtstentoonstelling van de botanische kunstenaars Franz en Ferdinand Bauer te zien. De tekeningen van beide broers behoren tot de uitzonderlijkste botanische kunstwerken ooit gemaakt, terwijl ze relatief onbekend zijn in Nederland. Voor liefhebbers van botanische kunst is dit een uitgelezen kans om kennis te maken met deze onbekende schat aan plantkundige pracht. Lees meer…