[Blog] What If? World War I and the Creationism-Evolution Controversy: the creationism-evolution controversy in the Netherlands (Ab Flipse)

By Ab Flipse (illustration: Géricault, Scène du Déluge, 1818 – CC-BY Wikimedia Commons)

The Netherlands is often seen as a stronghold of creationism. And indeed, although the country is to a large extent secularized and the proportion of anti-evolutionists in the population is much smaller than in the US, there are regularly fierce debates about creationism. As in other countries, the Dutch creationist movement has been influenced since the seventies of the last century by the revival of the “flood geology” of Morris and Whitcomb.

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[Blog] Hunting down annotations in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München (Voices from the Edge)

By Mariken Teeuwen

Our little team has reconvened in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich, where we sit and look at manuscripts from their wonderful collection, on the hunt for interesting phenomena in their margins. The library has, in fact, a very good system for digital facsimiles, but we are happy that there are still quite some manuscripts left for them to digitize, and that we can ask for them in the reading room of library. The building itself is actually intimidatingly large and stern, but inside we find the staff most helpful and accomodating! Read more on Voices from the Edge.